Europe offers a wonderful range of natural elements to experience, ranging from rocky peaks to amazing looking forests and enormous icefields. We’ve compiled a list of some stunning and must-see European national parks, spanning from the tundras of Finland to the magnificent gorges of Slovenia.

Hossa National Park – Finland

If you decide to travel to the east of Finland, be prepared for a wilderness journey. Hossa National Park is composed primarily of pine forests, lakes, and ancient mountain ranges. Hossa National Park, with approximately 90 kilometers of trekking paths and a variety of canoe routes, inspires the interest of outdoor enthusiasts.

This beautiful reserve is also a great place for mountain biking and fishing. Reindeer and foxes may be encountered during any activity in Hossa National Park. In the winter, the northern lights frequently emerge, lighting up the snow-covered countryside.

The rock paintings of Värikallio are one of the most intriguing sights in this Finnish national park. They say the sculptures were most possibly caved by Saami people, which depicting hunting rites are thought to be 3500 to 4500 years old.

Białowieża Forest National Park – Poland / Belarus

The Biaowiea Forest National Park isn’t your typical forest. This Polish-Belarusian reserve is Europe’s only intact primaeval forest reserve, which formerly stretched throughout the continent. These forests are now just 150 square kilometers in size, yet it is still awe-inspiring to wander through the century-old forest.

The European bison is one animal to keep an eye out for in this historic park. This magnificent species was previously driven to extinction in these regions, but a reintroduction effort has enabled these creatures to graze the plains once more. Those who are fascinated by macrolife will be delighted by the profusion of plant species, unusual insects, and mushrooms.

Pyrenees National Park – France

The Pyrenees National Park is located on the French side of the Pyrenees mountain range. When traveling through this gorgeous region of France, you will have access to deep blue alpine lakes, pastoral valleys, and thunderous waterfalls. Follow the route to Gavarnie Falls if you want to enjoy both alpine views and a magnificent cascade. This magnificent cascade drops for 280 meters and has a total height of more than 400 meters.

Circuit treks around Mount Troumouse and walks around the Pic du Midi d’Ossau are also magnificent. Keep an eye on the skies for vultures, falcons, and eagles that may be hovering. Pont d’Espagne, a medieval stone bridge that crosses over a magnificent waterfall, is also a cultural point of attraction in the national park.

Triglav National Park – Slovenia

Triglav National Park, Slovenia’s sole national park, is perhaps the most beautiful portion of the Julian Alps. The park is named after Triglav, the region’s tallest peak at 2864 meters above sea level. Valleys, cliffs, lakes, and distinctive settlements all contribute to Triglav’s enchantment.

To really engage yourself in Triglav National Park, visit the Trenta Valley and marvel at the magnificent chapels, medieval farms, and crystal-clear Soa river. The Boka Falls, on the border with Italy, in the west of this protected area, steals the show with a spectacular plunge of 106 meters. The Seven Lakes Valley, with its green ponds, and the narrow and colorful Vintgar Gorge are well worth seeing.

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