You are probably thinking after receiving a 123HotelGift Card: where should I stay? International travel is still difficult…  

No worries, before Covid is finished, isn’t it great idea to first discover Holland? That is why we are happy to introduce you our new webpage:


This page will show you the finest hotel lists in Holland’s 12 provinces!

This page is specially categorised per Dutch province. In each province, the best hotels have been selected for you. You can read the information or book directly from our system.

Furthermore, we also offer information on what to do/ to see in each province. For example, did you know there are 5 gorgeous national parks in Noord-Brabant? Did you know Renesse and Domburg in Zeeland is the best beach vacation destination?

We also strongly suggest you to check out the “Useful Websites” link at the bottom of the page, where you can find all walking & cycling routes in each province and more useful information.

For you, maybe some provinces are just a blurry image from your geography class, or maybe there are places (for example the Wadden islands) you always have been interested in, but never had the chance to visit. Now is the time to discover them!

Even if you are a Dutch citizen, through our pages,  we are sure you will find many hidden gems in your own country, and will say “hey! I know where to go for my next weekend!”

We hope you will have a nice stay in one of our finest hotels, and enjoy the nature, culture, beach or forest, family and fun in Holland!

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