Spain is well known for its endless beaches, islands, and its incredible history. while no trip would be complete without visiting Spain’s major cities like Madrid and Barcelona, but don’t miss out on the small towns that deliver plenty of charm. In many cases, these small towns in Spain are cheaper than their urban counterparts, and they offer a more authentic glimpse into local culture. These are 5 of the most enchanting towns in Spain you really ought to explore.

1. Sóller

Sóller is one of the more traditional towns in Spain that’s located on the northwest coast of Mallorca island. The town is surrounded by mountains and forest on one side and the lapping sea on the other. The main square – Plaza de la Constitución – is Sóller’s beating heart, lined with numerous bars and cafés, and dominated by the distinctive valley landmark. The town isn’t really a notable shopping center, but you’ll be able to find everything you would expect from a truly traditional village such as local products and crafts.

2. Albarracín

Albarracín is a picture-perfect town in Teruel, located in Aragon. Today, much of that early architecture remains, including the Albarracín Cathedral and much of the city’s walls. Development seems not to have arrived at this town, which is very rural and situated in the mountains. Walking along the city wall and stepping into its monuments is like traveling to the Medieval ages. We recommend you parking right before entering the town and wearing comfortable shoes to walk the numerous steps and stairs along your promenade.

3. Mojácar

In 2003, the white town of Mojacar was declared one of Spain’s prettiest towns. It is composed of two parts: Mojacar Pueblo (the town) and Mojacar Playa (the beaches).  The beach situated below the ancient village provides a completely different atmosphere; boasting 9 kilometers of sandy beaches and great facilities – restaurants, traditional bars, shops, villas, and apartments line the seafront.  With over 320 days of sunshine a year and an average yearly temperature of 20 degrees, Mojacar opens the door for great quality of life with sport year-round, including hiking, mountain biking, cycling, horse riding, cycling, golf, tennis and paddle tennis, soccer, surfing, sailing, swimming, etc.

4. Frigiliana

Most of the homes are built in the traditional Andalucian style. A maze of cobbled streets, with meticulously maintained whitewashed houses, that provide a stunning contrast against the blue skies and red slate roofs. Frigiliana is the perfect place to stroll from spot to spot, keeping an eye out for the tiled signs explaining the history of the town. Situated at three hundred meters above sea level, the views from Frigiliana are spectacular. On a clear winter’s day, the North African coastline is often visible and the views of Nerja and the surrounding countryside don’t come much better than those on offer from Frigiliana. 

5. Besalu

The charming medieval town of Besalu sits just an hour’s drive north of Girona, in the region of Catalonia. A maze of narrow, cobbled alleys and beautifully kept building, set against the background of two placid rivers (the Capellades to the north, and the Fluvià to the south) and the volcanic landscape of Garrotxa, it’s a favorite place for day trips from Barcelona or Girona, but to do it complete justice you should plan to spend a couple of days there, to enjoy its atmosphere and have dinner in one of the lovely restaurants. Once here, make sure to walk across the Bridge of Besalu to visit the castle, relax at Lake Banyoles and explore the beautiful Monasterio de San Pedro.

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