Imagine trekking through centuries-old ruins to reach a beautiful sandy beach. Consider beautiful green mountains with a view of crystal pure blue waters. Do I come across as idealistic? All of this is available on Turkey’s southern shore!

This stretch of coastline, which covers from Fethiye to Antalya, has beautiful beaches and historic monuments and a variety of activities ranging from hiking to diving. So, whatever sort of beach vacation you’re looking for, you should be able to find it along this southern coast.

When to go and how to get there

One perk of Turkey is its long summer, with temperatures warm enough for the beach from April until mid-November.

Both Fethiye and Antalya have international airports that link to the majority of European cities. From there, there are choices of taking the reliable and inexpensive bus or renting a car to any of the places mentioned below.


Fethiye is a lovely small city with a long waterfront lined with cafés and restaurants, ideal for a day or night promenade. It also offers a vibrant and colorful old town, complete with shops, restaurants, and pubs.

The Lycian Rock Tombs are a must-see in Fethiye. These magnificent tombs were erected by the ancient Lycians in the 4th century BC and are only a short walk from the town center. The rock tombs are cut into the cliff face. And the Tomb of Amyntas, which is the biggest and most significant tomb, towers over Fethiye. Hiking the steps up to it for a fantastic photo opportunity and also panoramic views of Fethiye.


Oludeniz, with its beautiful long beach, is about 10 kilometers from Fethiye. If this is your first time visiting Turkish beaches, you are in for a treat. The beach in Oludeniz spreads out to form a natural lagoon with magnificent crystal blue water. Try paragliding over the Blue Lagoon to experience it at its best. This is one of the most favorite topics to do in Oludeniz, and the view of the Blue Lagoon and surrounding area from above is just beautiful.

Lycian Way

However, if you enjoy hiking, the best way to view both valleys is to go along a portion of the famed Lycian Way. The whole Lycian Way is a 540-kilometer hike around the coast that is considered one of the best long-distance hiking paths in the world. However, if you only want to do a portion of it, the climb from Oludeniz to Kabak Valley is ideal.

Follow the Lycian Way from Oludeniz to Faralya, villages are located above Butterfly Valley, where hotels overlook the valley. Hike to Kabak Valley from Faralya, and this time go all the way down to the beach, where you may spend the rest of the day soaking in the beautiful blue sea.


Olympos has a completely distinct vibe from the other destinations on our list. Despite the fact that it has another gorgeous beach, but it does not have the sense of a coastal village. It’s more like you’ll find yourself hidden among lush hills surrounded by nature at the bottom of a valley.

Olympos, like most of the towns along the Turquoise Coast, has a historic city. The ruins here are considerably overgrown, which adds to their charm as you wander through the woods to explore different areas of the old city. And the ruins are divided by a river valley that runs straight to the sea to Olympos Beach, a beautiful long expanse of sand surrounded by lush majestic hills.

The Turquoise Coast of Turkey offers many things for everyone, and you could easily spend a few weeks touring the many villages. With several beaches backed by a historic center, you’ll be overwhelmed for choice with the amount of history available simply on your stroll down to the shore!

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